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Which Appliances Use The Most Energy

New appliances tend to use less power than ageing ones, but there’s still quite a big difference between rival brands and models.

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Most of us recognise the symbols we find on clothing; they help us to set our washing machines correctly. But are you aware of the most common dishwasher symbols? Learning the basics could help you get more out of your machine. [More]
During the summer months, your boiler goes from being the most important item in your home to a bit of an afterthought. In fact, the sound of the boiler humming away during a heatwave is usually a sign that your thermostat’s set incorrectly. [More]

How to cut the cost of fridge repairs

At the heart of every family home, there’s a very important appliance: the fridge. Yet most of us rarely think about how vital our fridges are. They’re key to keeping food fresh and safe to eat - and if your fridge breaks down, you’ll soon realise how much you’ve taken it for granted. [More]
Despite manufacturers’ best intentions, appliances sometimes have faults. Some are minor. Unfortunately, some are not. If you’ve seen the damage that an appliance fire can cause, you’ll already know full well that the consequences can be devastating. [More]

5 simple tips for fridge maintenance

Unsurprisingly, your fridge is the most important appliance in your home. Keeping your food fresh and your drinks cool. Ensuring your fridge is in peak condition might seem like a laborious task, but we’ve cut it down into five easy steps [More]