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Despite manufacturers’ best intentions, appliances sometimes have faults. Some are minor. Unfortunately, some are not. If you’ve seen the damage that an appliance fire can cause, you’ll already know full well that the consequences can be devastating. [More]

5 simple tips for fridge maintenance

Unsurprisingly, your fridge is the most important appliance in your home. Keeping your food fresh and your drinks cool. Ensuring your fridge is in peak condition might seem like a laborious task, but we’ve cut it down into five easy steps [More]
When it comes home and kitchen appliances, the dishwasher is an integral part of the suite. If you want to know the importance of a good dishwasher then host a dinner party and invite 20 guests or throw a birthday party for the kids. [More]

5 ways to make your food stay fresh for longer

There is nothing more annoying than taking food out of the fridge or pantry, only to find that it has lost its freshness. You don’t want to risk falling sick by eating stale food, do you? Although, the fridge helps in keeping all of your food fresh, as an essential appliance, but even then, there are times when the food goes bad. [More]

Easy Chocolate Recipes

Research shows that chocolate can reduce stress levels and trigger the same feelings as someone who is in love. So here are our top 5 picks for those chocolate urges we all get every now and then: [More]

5 Ways to use your leftovers

Anyone who cooks food knows the pain of throwing away the leftovers. Leftovers don’t necessarily mean that the food was not good, and you should consider them to be a blessing because you can rehash it and make something else out of it. [More]

How do I clean my fridge?

When you are cleaning the fridge, make sure that it is powered off. Any attempt to clean it while it is still connected to the electrical port may result in harm. Read on to know how you can clean your re-fridgerator. [More]
The kitchen is the most active room in the entire house and that too for a good reason. There is always something or the other that everyone in the family needs from the kitchen. But for the one who cooks and cleans the kitchen, it can get exhausting from time to time. [More]

The 6 summer fruits stock up on

Summer has a so many good seasonal fruits that one can’t help but to load up their grocery cart with all of the colourful health of nature. Read on to know about the fruits your fridge needs this summer. [More]