Tap repairs 

Our plumbers are on hand to repair any tap issue quickly, affordably and efficiently. Call 0333 733 5600 for a same-day repair!

Dripping taps can be a costly nuisance, and can also be a sign of a more serious issue with your pipes. The longer you leave the leaking pipe the more chance of other issues occurring such as mould, wet floorboards or even collapsed roofs. So, if you are thinking of ignoring the drip, think again, as you could save money on your water bills as well as keeping your home safe from further faults.

Have you tried to fix your tap and it just still doesn’t stop dripping? It is important to get it fixed by an experienced engineer so that your issues do not continue. Our engineers will look to repair or replace parts to get your taps running again. We offer 24/7 repairs so whatever time you need us we will be there for all your emergency needs. 

Ready to find out more about our tap repair and plumbing services? Take a look at our plumbing FAQs or contact our friendly team today to book your repair.

Common tap faults 

  • Leaks 
  • Dripping taps 
  • Brown water coming from taps 
  • Loose taps 
  • Noisy taps 
  • Stiff taps 
  • Loud vibrating tap

Why do I need to get my tap fixed?

A dripping tap can add up to 10% on your water bill, as much as 1 litre of water can be lost per hour from a dripping tap. Therefore, if you were to leave your tap dripping for a couple of weeks it could equate to wasting 336 litres of water. So save water (and money!) and book in your tap repair today.

At Go Assist, we're renowned for offering great service at low prices. Our area of expertise is in repairs of all kinds - from plumbing faults to broken boilers and appliances. Thanks to our nationwide network of experienced plumbing engineers, we're proud to cover the whole of the UK, offering appointments the very same day wherever possible. Book your tap repair with us today by calling 0333 733 5600.