Common tumble dryer problems & solutions

Has your tumble dryer stopped working? Our engineers have put together some solutions to help solve your tumble dryer queries. 

No one can deny the importance of a tumble dryer; it holds the same importance as your washing machine. With a tumble dryer, you don’t have to wait hours for your laundry to dry. But a tumble dryer is not a magical machine: it is susceptible to quite a few common problems.

4 common tumble dryer problems and solutions 

These problems can be dealt with immediately, so you don’t have to think about getting a new one. Read on to discover the common issues that occur in tumble dryers and how to take the necessary action in order to resolve them.

1. Your tumble dryer does not produce heat

This is an extremely well-known problem with tumble dryers and it might be a nuisance during the cold winter months. The first thing you should attempt to reset the dryer; there is a small red button either on the inside or at the back of the appliance. Push it till you hear a clicking sound and see if it works normally. If it doesn’t, there might be other reasons.

  • Check the load of the laundry. Too many clothes will prevent the dryer from heating properly. Therefore, remove a few articles of clothing and try again.
  • Ensure that you or someone else has not opened the dryer halfway into the cycle.
  • If you own an electric dryer, the heating element might have become defective, the thermal fuse could have melted, or the dual breaker switch is faulty. All of them will need replacements.
  • In a gas tumble dryer, heat is generated through an igniter and coils. The coils may have gone bad, the flame sensor or the igniter could be faulty, or there might be an accumulation of slime near the burner. You clean the slime and try again; otherwise, the coils or the igniter will have to be replaced.

 2. Has it stopped spinning

A tumble dryer that does not spin might be due to the fact that the drive belt has become loose or broken down. You can check for this by turning the drum using your hand; if it turns very easily, the belt has worn out. It will need a replacement. In other cases, the starting capacitor or the motor may have developed a fault and you will need to purchase new ones.

3. The machine makes a lot of noise

If your tumble dryer generates loud screeching sounds, then the most likely reasons could be due to motor bearings that have worn out, defective drum bearings or wear and tear on the tension pulley wheels. All of these parts will need to be replaced.

4. The dryer is not starting

If the power light on your tumble dryer does not come on, it could be due to the following reasons.

  • The plug or the wiring may be defective. Check to make sure that the connections are tight and if there is a break in the wire insulation, replace the wire.
  • The door of the dryer may not close properly. This could very well be due to a faulty door switch. You can try to clean the switch and if that doesn’t work, buy a new one.
  • The timer switch has gone bad. First, try resetting it and if that is in vain, replace it.

Fast & reliable tumble dryer repairs 

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