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Although we’re in the midst of a heatwave, now is the ideal time to asses ways to reduce your energy bill for the inevitable hike winter will bring.

We appreciate that with the rising cost of living and energy prices soaring that navigating the internet to find useful advice can be a minefield and end up becoming increasingly overwhelming. We have found 6 simple, hassle-free ways for you to slash your energy bill to make the winter months more financially manageable.

1. Review your energy bill with your current provider

Cheap energy deals are few and far to come by now so we wouldn’t recommend trying to switch providers for the time being, however, there are a few things you can review to ensure you’re getting the lowest possible price from the scammers.

  • Manage your account online (some providers charge for postage and paper when you receive paper billings)
  • Send regular meter readings to keep your bills accurate, don’t let your provider incorrectly assume you use more energy than you do. Keep them informed.
  • Pay by direct debit – this is often a cheaper way of paying a bill.

2. When purchasing new appliances – choose energy-efficient ones

If you find yourself in a position where it’s necessary to replace an appliance, you can cut your energy bill dramatically by choosing the most energy-efficient model. You will be able to determine how energy efficient a product is by the energy label all brands must disclose.

This gives them a rating on a scale of A to G, with A being the most efficient product of its class, and G being the least efficient. Some appliances use an older scale, from A+++ to G, with A+++ being the most efficient.

3. Make the most of your ECO mode

Especially whilst the weather is good, although eco cycles are typically a bit longer in length, this is because they are using a steady amount of energy – saving you in the long run. In fact, a lower temperature wash uses between 35-59% less energy than a hot wash. Therefore, an eco-wash and hanging your washing out to dry could be saving you double figures on your washing.

4. Laying loft insulation

If your loft is currently full of storage you’re not alone, however laying with insulation instead of miscellaneous could save you up to £290 a year.

Laying loft insulation to a thickness of 270mm in a typical non-insulated three-bedroom semi could trim £135 a year from energy bills, as less heat will be lost through the roof and insulating cavity walls can save up to £155 a year in a semi-detached house. Solid-wall insulation, although more expensive to fit, could save you £210 in the same type of house.

Read more about loft insulation here.

5. Electric heaters

Although at first, it may seem counterintuitive to plug something in directly to your mains when trying to cut your energy bill but hear us out. If you only need to heat one room on a cold evening a portable electric heater will work out much cheaper than turning on your central heating.

However, use your electric heater sparingly as electricity is more expensive by the hour than gas. We also advise you to use it sensibly and remove any potential fire hazards surrounding the electric heater.

6. Prevent Draught

The best way to prevent unnecessary heat from being wasted and reduce your overall energy consumption is to keep it in your home! Stopping heat from escaping through unwanted gaps around doors and windows could help you save double figures in a typical home.

Look at our draught tips below.

  • Windows - Use draught-proofing strips around the frame. Brush strips work better for sash windows
  • Doors - Use draught-proofing strips around the edges and brush or hinged-flap draught excluders at the bottom
  • Chimney and fireplace - If you don't use your fireplace, use an inflatable pillow to block the chimney, or fit a cap over the chimney pot. If you have an open chimney, this alone could save you £18 a year

    Don’t forget to consider smaller holes that let in air, such as keyholes and letterboxes.

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