Washing Machine Keeps Humming

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Reasons your washing machine keep humming

You get frustrated and decide to buy a new machine; however, you don’t have to. This is a common problem in washing machines and it is fairly easy to fix. Here are 5 reasons why your machine sings.

1. The Faulty Drain Hose

A washing machine can hum when the drain hose goes bad. Sometimes it won’t hum throughout the washing period; it will only produce that annoying sound while it is draining. There are two solutions:

  • Check the hose for any blockages and obstructions. If there are any, you will need to remove them.
  • Replace the drain hose.

2. Inspect the Water Supply

If your machine is not accepting water and is rather producing a weird hum, chances are that there is no flow of water. First of all, ensure that all the valves are turned on. Then turn off the machine, switch off the water supply, and remove the fill hoses from the valve. Take a bucket or a trough and hold the hose over it; ensure that the water supply is sufficient.

If the water supply is adequate, examine the filter in the valve. This filter is made of plastic and is quite delicate, so it will need to be handled with care. Using flat pliers, gently and carefully extract the filter from the valve. Wash it thoroughly and clean it with a cloth, before putting it back into place.

If still there’s no water supply, there is something wrong with the plumbing. This problem occurs during winters, when the pipes are frozen, especially if you place your washing machine in the garage.

3. The Worn Out Carbon Brushes

In some circumstances, it will produce a constant humming sound, but the drum of the machine won’t rotate. The most likely explanation for this problem is that the carbon brushes which are located on either side of the main motor have worn out and will need to be replaced.

If you discover that they aren’t worn out, then there might be a problem with the motor or the motor’s circuitry.

4. The Broken Down Drive Motor

If you have an older washer, and one day you find out that the machine has stopped spinning and draining water and you can smell a burning smell and hear a constant hum, rest assured that the drive motor or the washer motor has failed and you will need to buy a replacement.

5. A Stuck Pump

A very common cause of a humming machine is a jammed up pump. The pump might be trying to rotate, but something is caught in it. In most cases, and probably in all cases, a piece of garment is the cause, unless you don’t use it to wash clothes. You will have to disassemble your machine to remove it.

In other situations, the pump’s bearings might be worn out which produces the humming sound. The only way to fix this would be to replace the pump with a new one.

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