Why your washing machine isn't getting rid of stains

Are you struggling with a washing machine that doesn't get rid of stains? Our guide offers several steps to help identify why your washing machine is failing to clean clothes.

Modern washing machines come with advanced features and are computer-controlled, making them quite complicated. When there's a problem, the machine's primary function of cleaning clothes can go wrong.

Before scheduling a washing machine repair, there are a few things you can check:

3 checks to make if your clothes aren't clean

This isn’t a definitive list, but it could solve your problem quickly and cheaply.

1. The Detergent Draw

Powder detergents can clog the drawer in a washing machine over time. Try using a tablet or capsule in the drum for one wash. If your clothes come out clean, it's likely that the opening at the back of the detergent drawer is blocked, preventing the clothes from getting clean. You can temporarily put detergent directly onto the clothes, which is safe to do with powder detergent. This buys you some time to schedule a washing machine repair. The engineer will advise you on how to avoid the same issue in the future.

2. The Drum

Washing machines may produce a damp and musty smell, which may indicate that the drum is dirty or musty. Expensive washing machines usually have a drum clean cycle reminder. If not, you can use a specialized washing machine cleaning detergent and follow the instructions on the packaging. If you don't have a washing machine cleaner, run a very hot wash with a small amount of detergent.

It's important not to use the same amount of detergent that you'd use in a normal wash. Without clothes to absorb it, it could fill the machine and spill out of the drawer. Once the washing cycle is over, wear rubber gloves and remove any debris that has accumulated between the folds of the door seal or filter. If you find a lot of mold or debris near the door, it's best to have the seal replaced by an expert.

3. The Pipes

Pipes are difficult to check, and we don't recommend pulling at the pipes coming in or out of your washer. Instead, put it on a short wash cycle while the machine is empty and then put it on drain. If the water isn't draining away quickly or isn't filling up as it should, you may have a blocked or twisted pipe.

No Luck? Final Checks

If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, try these last-resort checks:

  • Do a half load; if your clothes come out clean, it’s possible that you are overfilling your machine for normal loads.
  • Try different detergents; some brands perform better than others, and it’s worth trying an “expensive” brand for a few days just to see if your detergent isn’t up to the job.

Organising a Washing Machine Repair

If the problem persists, it may require professional attention. Many washing machine issues are invisible until the engineer takes the machine apart, causing costs to escalate quickly. We recommend organizing a fixed-fee repair for your washing machine to protect yourself against unexpected costs. You can schedule your washing machine repair now with Go Assist.

To protect yourself against unexpected costs, we recommend that you organised a fixed price repair for your washing machine. Organise your washing machine repair now with Go Assist.

For more washing machine tips and advice, visit our FAQs page. 


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