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Boiler installation FAQs

Got a question about any of our boiler installation services? Whether you want to find out more about pricing, the terms of our services, the types of boilers we install, or even if we cover your local area, we're here to help. Check out our list of frequently asked questions below, or if you want to talk to a member of our team feel free to give us a call at 0333 733 1234.

Repair FAQs

Boiler installations can vary depending on the type of brand of boiler you desire, the type of boiler, and where you need it installed. These quotes are completely tailored to you by us, call us at 0333 733 1234 to discuss any further.

From the experience of our installers, a boiler installation can take anywhere between 1 - 3 days. However, it's more common for a replacement installation, where a new boiler connects directly to existing pipework, to only take a single day's worth of work. 

No. For health and safety purposes, you will need to hire a professional, gas-certified engineer to install your boiler. At Go Assist we have a nationwide team of Gas-safe certified engineers ready to advise on your boiler installation. Get in touch here. 

We will always aim to minimise disruption to your home during your installation, therefore, hot water and heating should only be temporarily unavailable for you on the dates of installation. 

There are 3 types of boilers to choose from when looking for a replacement. Our qualified team of gas-safe engineers is experienced in installing all of them. 

- Combination or Combi Boiler – Produces hot water on demand.

- Regular Boiler – Produces hot water that is stored for use in a hot water tank.

- System Boiler – Similar to a Regular Boiler but requires less space as a pressurised system means you do not need an additional feed and expansion tank in the loft.

For a seamless transition, we suggest you look into the system you currently have and compare this with other boilers available on the market that would be suitable. Take a look at’ boiler guide here

Booking a boiler installation with us couldn't be easier. Simply call us at 0333 733 1234 to speak to one of our expert advisors. 

Boiler manufacturers will always offer their boilers in a variety of sizes – and the size of your boiler can be determined by how many radiators you have on your property. For example, if you live in a home with 9-12 radiators then a big boiler will be required to meet the heating demand your home has. However, if you live in a bungalow with a small heating demand on your boiler you will be recommended.