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Electrical fault finding & repairs 

Struggling to find the source of your home's electrical issue? From flickering lights to faulty plugs, our electricians are here to help diagnose and repair any fault fast. 

Leave the diagnosing and fixing to the experts and give us a call! Our team of nationwide expert engineers is fully qualified to identify and repair any electrical issues you may face – and get your household back to normality. Every electrician we work with boasts extensive experience, a full spectrum of qualifications, and is fully vetted and approved by us.

We offer a full range of electrical repairs, whether you need an emergency electrician, a plug socket replacement, or a rewire, we are here to help.

For same-day and next-day electrical fault-finding and repairs call 0333 370 3331 or book online.

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Common Electrical faults

Here are some of the most common electrical faults our engineers see in households. If you notice any of these in your house – don’t panic – just give us a call and we’ll get one of our expert electricians to come and assist.

Warm sockets - Overloading the plug, poor wiring, or dust build-up can cause plug sockets to produce an excessive amount of heat which later down the line can cause scorch marks. These marks are dark brown or black in colour and will be found around the socket or plug. If you see scorch marks surrounding the plug or the plug becomes hot to touch, we advise turning the plug off at the wall before unplugging any appliances. Do not use the plug again until one of our electricians has had it properly inspected.

Faulty switches - If you have an appliance plugged into your socket and the appliance appears to be intermittently switching on and off – check that the issue lies with the plug socket by plugging it into a separate socket. If the appliance works fine, it’s a sign that the socket has an issue. There could be numerous reasons for this, including loose connections or faulty wiring.

Flickering lights - Sometimes, even the simplest of faults require assistance. The most obvious cause of flickering lights could be a loose bulb. But if tightening the bulb doesn’t seem to solve this common problem, there may be poor wiring or a faulty fixture. These kinds of issues require the immediate attention of our highly trained, qualified engineers to diagnose the issue and ensure it is repaired safely.

Tripping fuse boxes: A fuse box that keeps tripping might indicate you have faulty electrical wiring or electrical in your home. Working out what is wrong is a big process of elimination and we would advise getting in contact with us to get one of our qualified, experienced electricians out to assist.

Blown or burnt bulbs: If you are finding that you need to keep replacing burnt-out light bulbs it’s possible that you
have a loose connection between the circuit and the lighting fixture. These kinds of issues require the immediate attention of our highly trained, qualified engineers to diagnose the issue and ensure it is repaired safely.

We can help!

Whatever issue you may be facing in your home, our nationwide team of expert electricians is here to help repair and resolve it.
Go Assist offers an affordable lighting repair service provided by a nationwide team of experts. Our engineers are highly trained, ensuring we offer you fast and reliable repairs at a fixed price with no hidden fees!

For same-day and next-day lighting repairs call 0333 370 3331 or book online.