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Fridge freezer FAQs

Got a question about any of our fridge freezer repair services? Whether you want to find out more about pricing, the terms of our services, the types of appliances we repair or even if we cover your local area, we're here to help. Check out our list of frequently asked questions below, or if you want to talk to a member of our team feel free to give us a call on 0333 733 1234.

Repair FAQs

We can repair a number of different faults that your fridge may be having, including:

  • temperature faults
  • ice build-up
  • noisy fridge
  • damaged condenser coils
  • thermostat faults
  • Switch off your appliance at the wall
  • Remove any food from the fridge
  • Place towel on the floor
  • Place bowl of hot water on the bottom shelf
  • Wait until all ice has melted
  • Wipe down insides with a sponge

We have a nationwide network of engineers all over the UK. No matter where you may be based we aim to get an engineer, electrician or plumber out to you for a same-day or next-day appointment with no problem.

To give your fridge freezer a thorough clean you should:

  • Remove all contents
  • Remove all shelves and salad draws
  • Clean with washing-up liquid and hot water
  • To remove any suborn debris that has collected in the smaller crevasses use a toothpick
  • Wipe sides of the fridge using hot water and washing-up liquid
  • Wipe down sides with a clean cloth
  • Place shelves and draws back into the fridge freezer
  • Clean outer surfaces using an anti-bacterial solution.

At Go Assist we offer appliance repairs, electrical and plumbing repairs, installations and replacements. Alongside pest control, handyman and locksmith services

From Samsung to Beko, AEG to Hotpoint there are very few brands we cannot repair. Take a look at our appliance brand pages for more information. 

Aim to defrost your fridge freezer at least once a year or whenever ice in your freezer is more than a ¼ of an inch thick.

Loud noises coming from your fridge freezer could be the sign of a faulty defrost timer, condenser fan or compressor.

  • Check thermostat isn’t too high
  • Don’t leave the appliance open for too long
  • Make sure the door is closed properly after it is used
  • Check to see if anything is in the way of the door closing eg. debris
  • Make sure to not place hot food in the fridge before it is completely cooled as this can adjust the temperature of the fridge.

No! Your appliances' have a minimum lifespan of a decade! Don't throw money away on a new appliance when one of our experts can repair it quickly and affordably.