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Tumble Dryer FAQs

Got a question about any of our tumble dryer repair services? Whether you want to find out more about pricing, the terms of our services, the types of tumble dryers we repair or even if we cover your local area, we're here to help. Check out our list of frequently asked questions below, or if you want to talk to a member of our team feel free to give us a call on 0333 733 1234.

Repair FAQs

Nothing surprises our expert technicians- we have seen it all. The most common faults include:

  • Dryers not switching on
  • Excessively noisy dryers
  • Dryer not producing heat
  • Dryers not overheating

We have a nationwide network of engineers all over the UK. No matter where you may be based we aim to get an engineer, electrician, or plumber out to you for a same-day or next-day appointment with no problem. 

Booking with us is easy - Simply book online via our easy online booking system, or call our Freephone number 0333 733 1234 to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

The easiest way to determine what you can dry is to refer to the label on the item itself.

This could be due to several reasons including:

  • Blocked, dirty vent- Clean your vents after every drying cycle.
  • The machine is dirty- wipe your tumble dryer after every drying cycle, making sure that you get rid of any leftover fibres or debris.
  • Dirty blocked hoses- simple water flushes can be conducted however if you do not feel comfortable doing this we recommend you contact Go Assist.

At Go Assist we offer appliance repairs, electrical and plumbing repairs, installations and replacements. Alongside pest control, handyman and locksmith services. 

The main culprit for wet clothes coming out of the dryer is your dryer being overloaded. Check your tumble dryers manual to check how much can fit in your tumble dryer. Alternatively, it could be the signs of a faulty drain hose.

A leaking dryer is often the result of condensation due to an issue with the ventilation exhaust. To prevent any further issues from occurring contact Go Assist today.

From Hoover candy to Samsung, Hotpoint to Beko, there are very few brands we cannot repair. Take a look at our Appliance brand page for more information.

This is normal, your dryer will blow out cold air so that your clothes are dried with warm dry air.

The most common reason why your dryer won't spin is a faulty drive belt. Our repair experts are experienced at repairing broken drive belts, get your repair with Go Assist today.

No! Your appliances have a minimum lifespan of 10 years. Don't throw away money on a new appliance when one of our experts can repair it quickly and affordably.