Prepare for your engineer

Before your engineer arrives, there are some checks you can carry out that will help speed up their visit and how quickly your issue can be resolved. We understand that your appliance repair could be holding you back from your regular day, therefore these initial checks will set you up for a slick and smooth repair. 

If your appliance is built in, check that

  • Cupboard fronts can be easily removed
  • Any plinths aren’t siliconed in place

For all appliances, check that 

  • Sockets can be easily unplugged
  • Nothing stopping an appliance from being moved, such as floor tiles or other appliances

For general visits, check that 

  • If you don't think an engineer will be able to move the appliance themselves, someone will be available to help 
  • There is nearby parking for your engineer 

These things shouldn't stop your engineer's visit but will help them to provide the best possible service.